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Come experience what traditional Midwifery is all about. It’s a time-honored profession that restores rights to the mother and her family, the rights to make informed decisions that affect your unborn baby and your birth.

The Midwifery Model is woman-centered, compassionate, and baby-friendly. Let me help you have the birth of your dreams, whether a home birth, or at the birth center!

Tierney O'Brien Dovan

I have past experience as a hospital nurse, and have mothered 8 children, including 3 adopted daughters from China.

I have helped to safely deliver hundreds and hundreds of babies.

After having my first baby at Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center, I can’t imagine giving birth in a hospital.

Tierney treats each expectant mom like they are her only client. Tierney truly cares about both mom and baby. I hope to have the rest of my babies with Marshall Midwifery.

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Looking for a better birthing option?

Home Birthing

Home birth and birthing center births allow women complete autonomy over prenatal care and birthing choices.


My job as a CPM is to educate you to all your choices, and help you understand all the possibilities of low-risk, out-of-hospital birth.

Confident Motherhood

It’s my goal to help you feel strong, confident, and empowered by your birth experience.

A Welcome from Tierney

All women deserve to be cared for, listened to, and respected during their pregnancy and birthing process.

Babies deserve to enter the world peacefully, with as little intervention as possible.

To help women and their partners have their best birth, I work to ensure they feel educated,supported and informed. The wonderment of birth is a sacred thing. I look forward to helping you welcome your baby peacefully.

Marshall Midwifery provides a professional, yet safe, comfortable atmosphere where all your needs are met.

I ensure that you’re informed, educated, and supported throughout your pregnancy and labor process.

It is my pleasure to help a woman give birth out of the hospital peacefully. It is truly a life changing experience.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Tierney O’Brien Dovan

Our Services

Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center offers:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Home birth
  • Birthing center
  • Well Women Care and Annual Exams
  • Informed Home Birth and Birth Center Classes
  • Water Birth
  • Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Support
  • Hypno-birthing Classes
  • Placental Encapsulation

Our Locations

We provide midwife and midwifery services to these locations:

  • Marshall
  • Front Royal
  • Flint Hill
  • Hume
  • Luray
  • Manassas
  • Woodbridge
  • Stafford
  • Fredericksburg
  • Quantico
  • Montclair
  • Strasburg
  • Stephens City
  • Warrenton
  • Winchester
  • Leesburg
  • And more!

Our Story

The Birth Story Of Marshall Midwifery

I have always had the dream of a Birth Center, where women would have more options on places to birth their baby.

Home birth is not right for all women, and hospital birth is rarely best for healthy, pregnant women.

I feel very strongly that God created women to birth their babies, and it is my heartfelt desire to return birth back to women by trusting and listening to them.

I truly believe in a woman’s innate ability to birth, but today in our society she may need to more guidance to undo some powerful thoughts that can affect the outcome of her birth.

So, in the late summer of 2009, I found a house in Marshall, Virginia, 3 miles from my home. It is small and quaint. Not at all a center. It’s truly a home away from home. A “Birth House”

Long story short, my husband and I purchased the little brick house and our dreams became reality. We closed on the house in early November of 2009, did a fast face lift, and got zoning to approve us.

In January of 2010, we had our very first Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center birth!

About Tierney

My journey to midwifery began after Nursing School in New York.

In 1980, became pregnant with our first child, and sadly realized that if I chose standard OB care, I would have few choices in the way I gave birth.

That led me to a wonderful midwife. What supportive prenatal care I received!

Many months later, I gave birth to my first daughter, Heather. It was amazing! I had done it, using my own birthing power! It was without intervention, and no medications. I was consumed with joy.

I needed everyone to know that home birth was safe and a viable option for low risk women.

Nursing & Midwifery

Since the early 1980s, I have attended births in many capacities,in the hospital as a nurse, as assistant to a midwife, and then as a lay midwife in an underground birth movement for many years. Helping women was not legal in NY at the time.

Then after moving to VA in 1993, I was again needed to help a woman who did not have access to home birth midwifery care. In 2005 licensure happened in VA for midwives.

In 2006, I started back on my path, training under another wonderful midwife. I received my C.P.M. and license to practice Midwifery in Virginia in 2008.

I have taken many years off serving birthing women to assist in raising and home schooling my family. My first love is my family, and my second love is serving women during their childbearing years.

Mother and Grandmother

I have gone on to have the rest of my children born with midwives into the loving arms of family and friends. I am the proud mother of 7 daughters and 1 son, ages 16 to 38 years old!

Our last three daughters were adopted from China at the ages of 12 months, 7 years and 12 months old.

Adoption is very close to my heart as not all babies in the world will ever get a family to call their own.

My oldest daughter, Heather has 2 sweet little girls: Noel and Felicity, whom I have had the privilege of catching.

Our second oldest daughter Molly had her first baby at home, with me on April 16, 2012 and her next baby boy in May of 2015 at home also.

Our third daughter Grace had her first baby boy at home with me in March of 2015.

Hannah our fourth daughter had her first baby girl at our family home in April 2016. I am very blessed.

I was married to my husband, Brad for 40 years. We live in Marshall, Va only 3 miles from The Birth Center. We are originally from Upstate New York. We are Christians and we have been active members of Grace Bible Church in Marshall, VA for the past 24 years.

Experience and Education

I have over 36 during years of experience in helping women in various capacities during their pregnancies and birth.

As Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) licensed in Virginia, my desire is to return birth to the family. I began my journey to become a midwife when I was a young woman.

I went to Nursing School and had hoped to be a Nurse-Midwife, but after becoming a nurse and seeing hospital birthing, I became disillusioned. That led to me reconsider my plans.

In the meantime, I became pregnant and realized I would not be happy with a traditional hospital birth. I had my first daughter, Heather in 1980, with excellent Midwifery Care.

I have gone on to have the rest of my babies with midwives, and then at home,without interventions.I have also had miscarriage losses, so I hopefully can be of support to woman who may go through a similar experience.

I do believe that through great midwifery care, we are able to realize our fullest birthing potential. I would love the opportunity to help you have the best, safest birth possible. Birth is a rite of passage for women!

I have helped women have twins, breeches and VBAC’s. Yet, I am humbled daily by the power of birth. I have seen many births, outside of the hospital setting, but tomorrow I will see a new birth and I will respect it!

I believe that women need access to the evidence based outcomes concerning birth.

It is my desire to serve women by giving balanced educated facts concerning their pregnancy and birth choices!

The Birthing Center

Enjoy a safe birth outside the hospital.

Healthy women have the safest and best labor and delivery when they are nurtured and made to feel secure.

The birthing center is a comfortable, safe environment for women wishing to have a midwife-attended, out-of-hospital birth.

More Details

The Birth Center  is a lovely cape cod on a half acre lot,in Marshall with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It has 2-3 spacious birthing rooms and a full kitchen to accommodate our clients during their stay.

Marshall Midwifery  are conveniently located 3 doors from Marshall Rescue Squad and 12 miles from Fauquier Hospital.

Tierney and her team at Marshall Midwifery were amazing for all 3 of my births.

She is extremely knowledgeable and not only prepared me for my births, but helped me find the courage and strength to endure 3 pregnancies and births! The prenatal appointments were so informative and not rushed at all. I loved the attention and care that I was given. An expectant mother should feel comfortable and cared for by their provider, and Tierney gives exactly that! She makes you feel like you’re her only client. I highly recommend Marshall Midwifery!

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Safely delivering 500+ babies for over 35 years.

I have experience working as a Labor & Delivery nurse, gave birth to 5 children outside the hospital, adopted 3 daughters from China, and delivered most of my grandchildren at home. 

I was married for over 40 fulfilling years. With my husband’s passing, I gained experience with grief, and loss.

I will help you understand the changes, training, and education you need to look forward to your birthing experience and your body changing.


Unique, individualized care, where we get to know you.

Midwifery care allows me to prioritize my time to get to know you and understand your needs. Let me help educate you on all the choices you have as a healthy low risk pregnant woman.

Whether it’s a home birth or a birth center birth, I will happily go over all your choices! Nothing happens without your permission. We comfort you with a compassionate environment and experienced people.

First time mom? Don’t know what to ask? Let’s slow the process down, and give you all the time you need to talk.

I address the whole person, not just the birthing process. Get guidance on how to relate to others, what to expect and how to react, and explore the overall impacts of relating to your husband and family during this experience.


Education, networking, meeting mothers, social gatherings!

First-time mothers especially need communication, with a community of like-minded people to learn from and grow with.

I spend a lot of time with you before your baby is born. The Birth Center hosts mom meetup groups to bring our little community together.

Let me help you find a community of local mothers who live and share the same out-of-hospital birth experiences.

Both of my children were born peacefully at home.

I couldn’t imagine giving birth without her! With my son, I began my pregnancy with an OB, but sadly realized that my wishes for my birth were not being honored.Tierney is not only the most amazing and capable midwife I’ve ever known, she is a friend.  

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Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center is conveniently located off I-66 in Marshall, Virginia, at exit 27 or exit 28.

The Birth Center is just 20 minutes west of Manassas and 20 minutes east of Front Royal, and about 1 hour from Fredericksburg, VA and 45 minutes from Winchester, VA

For more information about Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center
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Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center

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Tierney O’Brien Dovan, CPM
Licensed Midwife

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